OSBA Policies

Ontario Basketball Association Policies

Codes of Conduct

Read how Ontario Basketball is fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity through its comprehensive Code of Conduct, ensuring a safe environment for all members, from athletes to officials.

Concussion Prevention & Management Policy

Developed with the Concussion Centre at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, this Concussion Policy for Ontario Basketball (OBA) discusses OSBA's policy for managing concussions and safe return to play.

Player Transfer Policy

This policy promotes informed choices and fosters respect among Ontario Basketball (OBA) coaches, players, and clubs. It outlines transfer procedures, applies to competitive rep teams, and sets guidelines for player and coach responsibilities, including penalties for breaches.


Registration Waiver and Release of Liability

An outline of the terms and conditions for participation in OSBA, including acknowledgment of risks, release of liability, compliance with codes of conduct, and consent to electronic signature and communication.


This policy discusses OSBA's access to gym space through partnerships with school boards and emphasizes the need for respectful use to maintain access. It also mentions efforts to minimize scheduling conflicts and potential consequences for misuse.


OSBA is a member of Ontario Basketball and, as a result, each player is provided insurance according to the OBA coverage.

Playing Outside of the Designated Age Group

Parents can request for their child to play in a higher age group in OSBA if they believe their child's skill level warrants it. OSBA reviews such requests based on team availability and coach agreement to determine if it's beneficial for the player and team.


OSBA's refund policy is structured to support participant needs while managing program operations effectively. It includes guidelines for House League, Small Ball Sessions, Competitive Programs, and considerations for equipment, injuries, and administrative costs.

Uniform Policy

OSBA provides reversible pinneys for all players, with House League players using them along with black shorts. Competitive players may need to purchase OSBA-approved uniforms. Care instructions and practice attire guidelines ensure proper maintenance and adherence to standards.

Privacy Policy

OSBA upholds privacy standards under PIPEDA and Ontario laws, using collected data for program administration while ensuring limited access and participant rights to data correction.

Copyrights & Trademarks

The Ottawa South Basketball Association (OSBA) safeguards its materials and trademarks, requiring written permission for reproduction and prohibiting unauthorized use.