OSBA Policies

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Ontario Basketball Association Policies

As a member of Ontario Basketball, the Ottawa South Basketball Association follows the OBA:

Ottawa South Basketball Policies

1. Facilities

Availability of Court Time

OSBA enjoys gym space as a result of our application to the Ottawa Carleton Catholic School Board, the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, le Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario, and le Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est.

The use of school gyms is a privelege and OSBA players and parents are asked to respect all facilities and school workers are at times. The future use of school gyms is dependent on proper use of the gyms by all OSBA teams. If misuse or damage occurs it could result in the OSBA losing the use of the school.

Scheduling Conflicts

Some conflicts and rescheduling are unavoidable given the number of players, activities, and demands on these facilities. However, we work closely with those in charge of the facilities and do our best to minimize unexpected conflicts and to keep rescheduling of games and practices to a minimum.

Rules of Conduct

Please remember that we are visitors in the facilities that we use. Therefore, it is important that you respect representatives of the facilities. In general, please stay in the assigned gym - i.e., don't roam around and don't bounce basketballs anywhere but inside the gym. Also, for safety reasons, please keep wet shoes/boots off the gym floors. This is the primary cause of injuries. Finally, it is important that you clean up after yourself - don't leave wrappers and containers behind after you are done playing.

All players, coaches and parents must adhere to the following gym rules:

  • No players are allowed in the school facility without their coach and/or assistant coach.
  • Only OSBA registered coaches can provide supervision of players, and must be certified for the appropriate level of play.
  • No player can leave the gym premises without permission of an OSBA coach.
  • No bouncing of basketballs in school hallways.
  • No street shoes are to be worn in the gym by ANYONE. Boots and overshoes must be removed by everyone, including spectators before entering gyms.
  • No equipment is to be removed from the gym and must be returned to its proper storage area after use. This includes things such as basketballs, clocks, tables, chairs etc.
  • No food or drink (other than water) is to be taken into the gym.
  • Groups must assist in set up and clean up, including tables, chairs, clocks, picking up garbage, etc.
  • All areas of the school are off limits except for the gym and the hallways used to get to and from the gym. Please ensure all siblings are in the gym ONLY.

2. Insurance

OSBA is a member of Ontario Basketball and, as a result, each player is provided insurance according to the OBA coverage.

3. Playing Outside the Designated Age Group

Parents who feel that their child is above the skill level of his/her designated age group may make a request to the OSBA for their child to play outside of his/her designated age group.

Players may be allowed to play outside of their designated age group if there are not enough players to make a team at the higher age group and if the coaches of both teams involved, feel it is in the best interest of the player.

Rules of Conduct

When a request has been received by an OSBA Coach for a player to "play-up", the decision to allow a player, whether recreational or competitive, to play up a division rests with the designated executive member in consultation with the coaches involved in the request.


Upon request by either a parent or by a coach that a player be considered to play in the age level above the one he/she qualifies for, the process shall be as follows:

  1. The player registers and try-outs with his/her appropriate age group.
  2. The player will be assessed by the team coach of the appropriate age group for which he/she is registered.
  3. The coach shall request that another coach assist with the evaluation.
  4. If both coaches determine that the request has merit, a request will be made to the coach of the next age group level to assess the player's skills and ability. A placement request will then be made to the OSBA executive.

The request for evaluation and playing up may be denied if:

  • There is not sufficient space on the next-level-up team available for this player.
  • It would mean that player within the Association would not be able to play basketball in his/her appropriate age group.

4. Refunds

For OSBA House League programs (U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19)

OSBA will grant a full refund, less a $25 administration fee, for all withdrawal requests received by October 1.

OSBA will grant a 50% refund, less a $25 administration fee, for all withdrawal requests received between October 2 and November 30.

No refunds will be granted after November 30.

For OSBA U7 Sessions

OSBA provides a 14 day grace period from the start of any U7 session to request a full refund, less a $25 administration fee.  All withdrawal requests must be submitted to the OSBA Administrator.

For OSBA Competitive Programs

Competitive registration fees are non-refundable regardless of the time of withdrawal.

For Spring, Summer, Skill Sessions, Tryouts, and Pre-Season Programs

Registration fees are non-refundable regardless of time of withdrawal for all tryouts, Spring, Summer, pre-season programs, and skill sessions.

Refunds will be processed within 2 weeks of written notification to the OSBA Administrator.

5. Uniform Policy

OSBA players will receive a uniform to wear for the season. Uniforms are provided by the club and MUST BE returned to your coach at the end of the season.

Care of Uniforms

Please ensure that you wash light and dark tops separately, in cold water and hang to dry. Do not put any jerseys or shorts in the dryer.

Practice Attire

Uniforms are NOT to be worn to practice. Instead, the player should wear a T-shirt and shorts NOT SUPPLIED by the OSBA.

  • Cut-offs, pockets, pockets turned inside out, pocket openings, tears in the fabric, belt loops, and loose strings are not allowed.
  • Pajama bottoms and long pants are not allowed.
  • Players must have proper non-marking footwear. No outdoor shoes, boots, or dress shoes should be worn.

Uniform Return

All uniforms must be returned on the last day of your season. If you do not return your uniform you will be liable to the club and must cover the expense of a replacement uniform.


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