OSBA Programs

Ottawa South Basketball Programs

The Ottawa South Basketball Association (OSBA) operates on the fundamental pillars of good sportsmanship, team spirit, and respect.

OSBA offers a number of programs for male and female athletes, of all skill levels, from ages 5 to 18 years.

Whether this is the first time you have stepped onto the court or you are an experienced player you will find a program that is right for you.

OSBA is a member club of the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA). Our competitive teams are part of the Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA) and our House League teams participate in games against other Ottawa-area house league teams.

U7 Boys and Girls Program

U10 Boys and Girls Program

U11-U19 House League Program

U11-U19 Competitive Program

2024-25 Season Birthdates / Age Groups
Birthyear Age in 2024 Program
2019 5 U7
2018 6 U7
2017 7 U8-10
2016 8 U8-10
2015 9 U8-10
2014 10 U11 or U11/12
2013 11 U12 or U11/12
2012 12 U13 or U13/14
2011 13 U14 or U13/14
2010 14 U15 or U15/16
2009 15 U16 or U15/16
2008 16 U17 or U17-19
2007 17 U18 or U17-19 or U18-19
2006 18 U19 or U17-19 or U18-19
2005 and before 19 and over Graduates