Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Information

When does registration open?

We are pleased to announce our 2024-25 season registration is now open on our website. Please refer to the programs section of our website for more details.

This is usually due to being unable to advance through the waivers. Here's how to progress:

  • The "registrant" mentioned in the signature type section of the waivers refers to the person who is registering for the event or activity. In the context of youth sports, this would typically be the parent or guardian who is registering their child.
  • The "name on the account" refers to the primary account holder or organizer whose information is used to create and manage the TeamSnap account. This is also usually the parent or guardian.
  • The "organizer" name (listed under profile information) is the name used as the signatory on the waiver, not the registrant's name. Typically however, they should be the same.

When and where are tryouts?

Tryouts will be held in September 2024. Location information to come.

Practice gym locations can be found here. Team-specific locations and practice times will be announced soon.

I'm not sure I'll play on a competitive team. What do I do?

For players registering for competitive tryouts who are unsure whether they will play on a competitive team, we recommend you also register separately in House League to hold a space in House League. Paid House League fees will be transferred if a player makes a competitive team.

I've been offered a spot on the competitive team. How long do I have to accept the offer?

After tryouts, selected players will be sent a link to register onto a competitive team. These players will have 24 hours to register and confirm their place on a team.

Where will practices be held? When will practises be?

Practice schedules and gym locations are dependent on school permit allocations which are not received until late August. Schedules will be posted on the home page of our website as soon as possible after permits from the school boards are received.

What are the age requirements for the different programs?

Please see the chart on the Age Divisions page.

When can I register for the Small Ball winter semester?

Small Ball players can be registered for both the Fall and Winter semesters now. You have to put both semester registrations in your cart and pay to be registered for both.

Does OSBA offer March Break, Spring, and Summer Camps?

We DO NOT offer March Break, Spring, or Summer Camps at this time. If you're interested in these programs, we encourage you to contact our partners at Rightway Basketball.

I can't Get my registration to work.

When and where are practices?

  • OSBA uses the following schools for team practices and home games.
  • Practice times and locations are assigned by September and are subject to the receipt of approved permits from Ottawa School Boards.
  • Assigned practice times are between 6:00 and 10:00 pm on weeknights.
  • Gyms are assigned according to the following principles:
    • Younger ages are assigned early start times.
    • Younger ages are assigned to elementary school gyms.
    • Teams who practice more than once per week may be assigned a time in a central gym location (Riverside South, Manotick, Findlay Creek, South Keys) and one that is within 15 minutes of a central gym.
    • Older and physically larger players will be assigned to secondary school gyms.
    • Programs with large numbers of participants may be assigned to larger secondary school gyms.
  • Competitive and House League teams may also be assigned to play away games at gym locations throughout the city of Ottawa.
  • Competitive teams may also travel to away tournaments.

When and where are games?

Specific times, games and locations will be announced at the beginning of the season.

House League:

  • OSBA House League teams participate in games against teams from other local area clubs.
  • House League teams play against a variety of basketball associations from across the National Capital Region.
  • Each team will play a 10-12 game schedule which involves 1 or 2 games played on select Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.
  • A year-end tournament is also offered for teams in each age bracket.
  • House League teams do not travel outside of the Ottawa area for games or tournaments.
  • House League players practice once per week.

Competitive Program:

  • Competitive teams practise twice per week, and participate in games as part of the Ontario Basketball League - East (OBL-East).
  • A typical season includes try-outs in September with games running from the middle of October to the middle of May (length of season depends on the age bracket).
  • Once formed, teams typically start the year with a pre-season tournament, will play 10-12 regular season games and will participate in an OBL-East year-end tournament. Coaches may elect to add additional games throughout the season.
  • Typically, competitive teams travel to out-of-town tournaments. Travel, meal and accommodation charges are the responsibility of players/parents.

What is the difference between the Competitive and House League programs?

Competitive teams

  • are formed as a result of formal tryouts ($50 non-refundable fee) that are held in early September.
  • after tryouts players have 24 hours to accept an invitation to a competitive team
  • practice twice per week
  • travel to tournaments outside of the National Capital Region (NCR)
  • pay an OSBA registration fee that includes participation in the Eastern Ontario Basketball League (EOBL)
  • pay a team fee to participate in tournaments
  • must pay for a team uniform

House League Teams

  • have no formal tryout process but are sorted into balanced teams at the start of the season
  • practice once per week
  • do not travel outside of the NCR for any games or tournaments
  • pay an OSBA registration fee that includes participation in the EOBL House League
  • are provided a reversible pinney, as part of their registration fee, to be used as their game uniform

Please contact us at the link below and provide details on the issue that you are experiencing

Financial Assistance

Is financial assistance available?

Financial assistance for registration fees is available through charitable organizations, such as Jumpstart and KidSport™.

Through available corporate sponsorship the OSBA may also be able to offer limited financial assistance to qualifying families, if needed. Please contact the OSBA Administrator should you require further financial assistance beyond Jumpstart or KidSport.

When should I apply for financial assistance?

Families are required to apply for assistance from one of these funding sources before, or immediately after, registering for an OSBA Program.

I've applied for financial assistance. What do I do now?

After applying for financial assistance, please send an email to the OSBA Administrator to advise that you have applied. This will ensure that your spot is secured in the program you have registered for, and when funds are received, they are applied to your registration fees. Please be assured that all information will be kept confidential.

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