Ottawa South Basketball Programs


This program is run in partnership with Right Way Basketball and introduces fundamentals to players ages 5-7.  Programs are run in separate fall and winter semesters with Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced sessions.


NEW for 2019-20! The Novice program will offer separate boys' and girls' programs which will be divided into Development, Selects and Competitive streams.



Players focus on developing their skills while learning the game of basketball in weekly practice and local area game settings.                      



Competitive teams participate in the Eastern Ontario Basketball League (EOBL) and travel to sanctioned tournaments.

About Us

The Ottawa South Basketball Association (OSBA) was founded in 1994. In the beginning OSBA was a girls-only organization serving twelve young players. Today, OSBA has grown to serve over 450 male and female athletes.

OSBA operates on the fundamental pillars of good sportsmanship, team spirit, and respect. OSBA is a member of the West End Basketball League (WEBL), the Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA), and the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA).

OSBA is proud of our team of quality volunteer coaches and parents who enthusiastically serve our club athletes.

Become a Volunteer!

OSBA is always looking for individuals who are willing to give back to our young athletes. If you, or anyone else you know, is looking to get involved, please contact us.

"Basketball is one of those rare opportunities where you can make a difference, not only for yourself, but for other people as well." - Bill Walton