Playing Outside the Designated Age Group

Parents who feel that their child is above the skill level of his/her designated age group may make a request to the OSBA for their child to play outside of his/her designated age group.

Upon review by the OSBA executive, players may be allowed to play outside of their designated age group if there are not enough players to make a team at the higher age group and if the coaches of both teams involved, feel it is in the best interest of the player and team.

When a request has been received by an OSBA Coach for a player to "play-up", the decision to allow a player, whether recreational or competitive, to play up a division rests with the designated executive member in consultation with the coaches involved in the request.


Upon request by either a parent or by a coach that a player be considered to play in the age level above the one he/she qualifies for, the process shall be as follows:

  1. The player registers and try-outs with his/her appropriate age group.
  2. The player will be assessed by the team coach of the appropriate age group for which he/she is registered.
  3. The coach shall request that another coach assist with the evaluation.
  4. If both coaches determine that the request has merit, a request will be made to the coach of the next age group level to assess the player's skills and ability. A placement request will then be made to the OSBA executive.

The request for evaluation and playing up may be denied if:

  • There is not sufficient space on the next-level-up team available for this player.
  • It would mean that player within the Association would not be able to play basketball in his/her appropriate age group.