OSBA Players and Parents,

The OSBA Executive continues to make plans for a shortened season in the spring of 2021 and we will continue to offer updates as more information becomes available. Note that plans evolve as we work with local area clubs and with our school board contacts according to guidelines set forth by Ontario Basketball and local public health authorities.


Our programs are fully dependent on our ability to secure the use of gyms. OSBA uses school gyms from all four Ottawa School Boards throughout our region. To date all Ottawa school boards have cancelled all community use of school permits indefinitely and we await further details.

OSBA Pre-registration:

OSBA has opened pre-registration but we are not collecting any fees as of yet. Pre-registration details are available on our website at www.ottawasouthbasketball.ca.

When we do open registration we are thinking of invoicing a monthly fee to participants. This will avoid the need to issue refunds should the season need to be adjusted in any way.

Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA):

All OSBA teams participate in competitive and house league games under the EOBA. The EOBA executive have been in regular contact concerning the 2020-21 EOBA season.

The EOBA is committed to following the return to play guidelines issued by the Ontario Basketball Association as well as rules and regulations issued by public health authorities and our various cities and municipalities. A copy of the OBA guidelines can be found here: https://basketball.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/OBA-RTP-Phase-3-V1-072420.pdf. The OBA is current in Phase 3 of its Return to play protocol. While Phase 3 permits teams to practice, provided they limit the practice to 10 players and ensure social distancing, OSBA has no gyms and is therefore unable to offer any programs at this time.

Given current information the following represents the EOBA planning assumptions for the 2020-2021 spring season. These assumptions are based on our current information and will be updated when and as we receive updates.

Competitive Basketball

1. EOBA sanctioned games will not start until April 2021 (at the earliest).
2. The EOBA season will regional and no provincial games or tournaments will be permitted.
3. Once clubs have formed their teams and registered the teams with the EOBA the EOBA will divide the leagues, by age and gender, into divisions of 4 to 8 teams (depending on restrictions at that time).
4. Teams will be assigned to divisions based on geographic location and skill level (as indicated by the team).
5. Teams will be asked to use their club assigned practice time or game time to arrange games (meaning many games will be held during the week instead of on weekends, as in the past).
6. Coaches in each Division will be responsible for developing their own schedules. The EOBA will not offer a centralized scheduling service for the 2020-2021 season.

EOBA member clubs have also been encouraged to limit the movement of players between clubs this year and implement a policy of not accepting transfers from area clubs. This means that players will not be able to tryout for different teams this season. All players should consider their club from last year as their “home” club for this season. Any player wanting to transfer clubs must provide a rationale and make a request in writing. The “home and “receiving”: clubs will review the request and must agree in advance prior to any player transfer.
Tryout dates and formats have not yet been finalized. Coaches will be reviewing options and further details will be communicated.

House League / Recreational Basketball

The EOBA will not be arranging any recreational basketball leagues this year (WEBL, COBL).

OSBA continues to assess House League options and will provide details once available.

Next steps:

In order to help us with our season planning we would like all interested coaches to please register, if not already done so, at the following link.
Once we have received coach interest we will be confirming coach assignments and then discuss details concerning the format of the season for each team.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Right now all of our plans are contingent on the opening of school gyms.

Stay safe,

Geoff Crampton, President
Ottawa South Basketball Association