OSBA players will receive a uniform to wear for the season. Uniforms are provided by the club and MUST BE returned to your coach at the end of the season. 

Care of Uniforms

Please ensure that you wash light and dark tops separately, in cold water and hang to dry. Do not put any jerseys or shorts in the dryer.

Practice Attire

Uniforms are NOT to be worn to practice. Instead, the player should wear a T-shirt and shorts NOT SUPPLIED by the OSBA.

Cut-offs, pockets, pockets turned inside out, pocket openings, tears in the fabric, belt loops, and loose strings are not allowed.

Pajama bottoms and long pants are not allowed.

Players must have proper non-marking footwear. No outdoor shoes, boots or dress shoes should be worn.

Uniform Return

All uniforms must be returned on the last day of your season. If you do not return your uniform you will be liable to the club and must cover the expense of a replacement uniform.