For the 2018-19 Season competitive teams will be formed in the following age brackets:

Boys                                                                                        Girls

Novice (U10)                                                                           Novice (U10)

Major Atom (U12)                                                                   Major Atom (U12)

Major Bantam (U14)                                                               Major Bantam (U14)                                                     

Major Midget (U16)                                                                 Major Midget (U16)

Juvenile* (U17)

Junior* (U19)                                                                           Junior* (U19)                               

*depending on registration numbers


  • Competitive teams participate in the Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA) www.eobaclub,com

  • A non-refundable $25 try-out fee applies to all players interested to play on a competitive team.

  • The full fee for players who are selected to play on a competitive team will be $25 Try-Out + $350 Registration = $375.

  • An additional fee of $150 - $200 will apply to all players in order to cover cost of participating in the EOBA and tournament fees. This team fee will be collected by coaches and is payable to the team account.

  • All players are provided team uniforms (shorts and jerseys) which must be returned at the end of the season. A $50 fee applies to each piece (shorts or jerseys) that is not returned.

A typical season includes try-outs in September and games run from the middle of October to the middle of May (depending on the age bracket). Once formed, teams start the year with a pre-season tournament, play 10-12 regular season games and an EOBA  year-end tournament. Coaches may elect to add additional games through-out the season. Typically competitive teams travel  to at least 1 out-of-town tournament. Travel, meal and accommodation charges are the responsibility of players / parents.

For the 2018-19 Season games for each age bracket will be played on pre-assigned weekends.