Q: How do I register?

Complete the on-line registration process and pay on-line via credit card or by E-Mail money transfer. Cash and cheques are not accepted.

Q: What if my child does not make the competitive team?

If your child is interested to play competitive you should register for competitive and pay the associated try-out fee. If he / she does not make the competitive team an option to play WEBL / House league will be provided. Once teams are formed each player will be required to pay the required registration fee.The number of teams that can be formed is dependent on sufficient players, coaches and gym space.

Q: What are the parental responsibilities?

Parents are requested to ensure that their child attends, on a regular basis, all practices and games.
A few times a season, parents are requested to volunteer their time to assist running a canteen at games or tournaments. They may also be asked to make a contribution to the canteen in the way of baked goods, drinks, hot dogs, etc. The money raised from the canteen goes directly back into the individual team account to help defray costs associated with running the team.

Parents may also be asked to keep score or time games their child is playing in.

The club is always looking for volunteers to help with other duties and functions of the club. Please contact your team manager or the club president.

Q: What equipment is needed?

Each player needs a pair of proper basketball shoes, shorts and a T-shirt for all practices. Each player must also supply their own basketball that is the appropriate size according to Ontario Basketball rules. Basketball shoes should only be used indoors and never outside. Uniforms will be provided to all players for their use throughout the season. Uniforms are to be worn in games and tournaments only. Uniforms remain the property of OSBA and must be returned, in good condition, at the end of the season. Uniforms are to be washed but never placed in a dryer as the heat will damage the uniform. Parents will be responsible to maintain all uniforms in good condition or a fee may be applied.

Q: Are any of the clubs members paid?

All OSBA Executive, Coaches and Team Managers are volunteers. Most of the volunteers are parents who have children who are current or former players with OSBA. The OSBA club registrar / administrator and the club accountant are only paid positions.

Competitive Leagues

Q: How important is winning?

While winning provides great satisfaction for a player, team and coach the most important attitudes stressed within OSBA are good sportsmanship, team spirit, and respect. OSBAis a member of the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) and requires that all parents, coaches, and players model mature behaviour which:

· Supports the game of basketball
· Avoids imposed pressures to win
· Is supportive of the athlete, team, coach, opponents and officials
· Refrains from negative communications with players, coaches, and other persons associated with the game

Q: Is regular attendance required at practices and games?

Yes. In order to improve and bond as a team, players need to attend regularly. In the case of illness, a player is excused. However the coach should be informed prior to the practice or game of a known absence. In the case of injury, the player is usually required to attend both practices and games in order to keep up with new plays, etc. At the coach’s discretion, those who have been absent from practices before games may not be permitted to play in a game until such time as they are able to resume practices.

Q: When and where are practices and games?

Most competitive league home games are played at St Mark High School in Manotick, St Francis Xavier High School in Riverside South  or Steve MacLean School in Riverside South. Practices may take place at various gym locations within the local area. Gym times are assigned to competitive teams allowing for age (e.g. earlier time slots) and level (e.g. older players require a larger playing area). Currently, school gyms used by the club are: St. Mark HS (Manotick), Kars on the Rideau, Steve MacLean Public School, St.Jerome Catholic School, St.Francis Xavier HS and Bernard Grandmaitre School (Riverside South), and Osgoode Township HS (Metcalfe).

Competitive teams participate in the Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA). Away games are played in gyms that belong to EOBA member clubs.

Q: How long is the season?

Tryouts for competitive teams are held mid-September to early October, depending on the age level of the team (i.e. Junior, Midget, Bantam, Atom, and Novice). Teams are formed by late-September or early October with practices being two times a week (possible exception is Novice which may practice only once per week). The season ends after the Provincial Playoffs or tournaments that take place in late March, April May, or June, depending on the age level. Younger-aged teams end their season earlier, whereas the older age groups end later in the year.

Q: How many players make up a competitive team?

The typical competitive team roster will include up to 12 players. OSBA follows the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) policy with regard to minimum number of players on a team.

Q: Are there tryouts for competitive play and how does that work?

Yes. Your child may tryout for a competitive team if they meet the age and gender requirement. Registration and a $25 fee is mandatory prior to the tryouts. The parent/guardian MUST sign the waiver as part of the registration. While the team coach ultimately determines the team roster based on position availability, player-skill and other criteria, tryouts will be conducted with an objective coach present who will provide input to cuts and final player selection.

If your child is interested in trying out for a level “up”, they will be allowed to do so as long as they are only one year younger than the level age span.

Q: What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers the cost of:

Rentals of gyms
Use of Equipment
Use of Uniforms

Coach Training and Certification

Facility Insurance

Player Insurance
Club insurance

Club administrative fees

NOTE: Other tournaments are extra and will be decided upon by each individual coach/team

Q: What costs are not covered?

Referees: A qualified referee ensures fair play and the safety of all players on the court. Two referees per game are required. A tri-meet usually consists of 3 games. Each team is responsible for sharing the referee costs. The referee fees are either paid directly out-of-pocket by parents (i.e. divide costs by number of players on the team) or through proceeds from team canteens (supplied and operated by parents) at hosted games. (Note: At sanctioned tournaments, referee fees can be covered by charging a tournament-participation fee.)

Q: How many trips are made out of town and what are the costs associated with them?

Each competitive team usually participates in approximately 1 to 3 “away” tournaments. The player-costs associated with these are transportation, hotel, and food. These costs are absorbed entirely by individuals on the team and vary with the location of the tournament.

Q: Do I have to buy a uniform?

No. The club supplies use of a uniform. A uniform/equipment deposit of $100.00 may be requested at the beginning of the season. The cheque will be returned to you upon receipt of the equipment and laundered uniform (by June 30).

Recreational Program

Q: What is the House League / WEBL Program?

OSBA House League Teams participate in the West End Baketball League (WEBL). WEBL offers an opportunity for local area House League teams to play each other. More details are available on the House League link on our home page.

Q: What does the WEBL registration fee cover?

With your registration fee, your child will participate in a sport that develops fitness, athletic skills and team attitude, all under the supervision and instruction of qualified volunteer coaches. Your registration fee covers the cost of:

Rentals of gyms
Use of Equipment
Use of Uniforms

Coach Training and Certification

Facility Insurance

Player Insurance
Club insurance

Club administrative fees

When and where are WEBL practices and games?

The House League / WEBL program is conducted at times and locations as assigned at the beginning of each season. Teams play games as part of the West End Basketball League (WEBL). Games are played on Saturdays and can be held in Nepean, Ottawa South, Kanata or Stittsville.

Q: What about Small Ball?
The Small Ball program is for players aged 5-7 and takes place on Wednesdays at either Steve Maclean school or St.Jerome School (Riverside South) or Thursdays at Bernard Grandmaitre school.

Q: Do I have to buy equipment for Small Ball?

OSBA has partnered with the Jr NBA. Each player will receive an age-appropriate Spalding basketball and NBA-branded team T-Shirt inlcuded with their OSBA registration fee.

Q: What are the parental responsibilities?

Parents are requested to see that their child attends all practices and games on a regular basis;
Help with instruction, other support as requested by coach;
Help with gym setup and clean-up;
If your recreational team opts to run a canteen, you will be asked to participate in this fundraiser (a canteen is usually run to help defray the cost of referees for games).